New, Quick E2E Pantographs That Look Fantastic

I’m pretty excited about the recent addition of some quick sew E2E (edge to edge) pantographs.  Some of them are modern, which are so much fun, and some of them are more traditional.  But these days, I’m trying to create great good looking designs that stitch out quick and easy and don’t require a “gentle touch” – No finicky patterns in this bunch!!

First up is Arrow Play E2E.  It’s such a cute and fun digital pattern.  It stitches out quickly and easily.  The patterns repeat on top of themselves easily.

Arrow Play E2E by Allison Payette of Three Sisters Fabric

My next recent creation is called Wave Upon Wave E2E.  It’s so easy!  Easy to stitch out, easy to repeat, easy to layout…  Lay it out stacked or lay it out in alternating rows.  There are NO POINTS on this pattern so your quilting machine will happily run on a smooth, easy path.  I love it!  It makes a great modern swirl impression.

Wave Upon Wave E2E Repeat by Allison Payette for Three Sisters Fabric

Wave Upon Wave E2E Stacked Repeat


Wave Upon Wave E2E Alternating Repeat

Wave Upon Wave E2E Alternating Repeat


Wave Upon Wave E2E

Wave Upon Wave E2E

New Pattern – Clamshell Feather E2E

Here’s a new clamshell pattern for you! This one has a feather to add a touch of fancy to it without making it too busy or making the stitch-out take too long.  Enjoy!

Clamshell Feather E2E Digital Quilting Patter

Clamshell Feather E2E Digital Quilting Pattern

Phoebe Quilt – A Work Of Art

We were soooo privileged to be allowed to do this quilt! One of our favorite, “memory-making” (you know what you mean to us!) customers brought it to us. It was truly a work of art and we felt the responsibility of such an undertaking. This quilter had spent hours upon hours doing detailed little blocks, borders, and applique. She had picked out PERFECT fabrics. The quilt was stunning. And we had the joy of quilting it!

I hope you find it as enjoyable as we did!

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***Like the quilting? Own a computerized machine? Watch our blog and website for the release of the quilting patterns we used!***