New, Quick E2E Pantographs That Look Fantastic

I’m pretty excited about the recent addition of some quick sew E2E (edge to edge) pantographs.  Some of them are modern, which are so much fun, and some of them are more traditional.  But these days, I’m trying to create great good looking designs that stitch out quick and easy and don’t require a “gentle touch” – No finicky patterns in this bunch!!

First up is Arrow Play E2E.  It’s such a cute and fun digital pattern.  It stitches out quickly and easily.  The patterns repeat on top of themselves easily.

Arrow Play E2E by Allison Payette of Three Sisters Fabric

My next recent creation is called Wave Upon Wave E2E.  It’s so easy!  Easy to stitch out, easy to repeat, easy to layout…  Lay it out stacked or lay it out in alternating rows.  There are NO POINTS on this pattern so your quilting machine will happily run on a smooth, easy path.  I love it!  It makes a great modern swirl impression.

Wave Upon Wave E2E Repeat by Allison Payette for Three Sisters Fabric

Wave Upon Wave E2E Stacked Repeat


Wave Upon Wave E2E Alternating Repeat

Wave Upon Wave E2E Alternating Repeat


Wave Upon Wave E2E

Wave Upon Wave E2E

New Pattern – Clamshell Feather E2E

Here’s a new clamshell pattern for you! This one has a feather to add a touch of fancy to it without making it too busy or making the stitch-out take too long.  Enjoy!

Clamshell Feather E2E Digital Quilting Patter

Clamshell Feather E2E Digital Quilting Pattern

Hedgehogs and Mushrooms E2E

So, this is a pattern I’m really excited about.  I worked hard, drew, erased, and re-drew while trying to create just the look I wanted.  The end result was a cute and happy little pattern that makes me smile.  It’ll be on a quilt around here this week.  Can’t wait!


Hedgehogs and Mushrooms E2E

Hedgehogs and Mushrooms E2E Repeated

New Border & Corner Pattern – Feathered Star Flower

Here’s a new, fresh pattern for all you digital quilters!  How about a new twist on a traditional feather pattern? Take a look at the Feathered Star Flower Border and Corner pattern by Three Sisters….

Feathered Star Flower Border and Corner Pattern

Feathered Star Flower Border and Corner Pattern

New, traditional quilting pattern!

I just uploaded a new favorite digital quilting pattern for all you longarm quilters! It’s a good, old-fashioned, traditional pattern – just the kind we love around here. Hope you like it as much as we do!

…And… Did you notice? We named the pattern after our wonderful little niece? A graceful pattern for a graceful little lady! 🙂

The Caroline Feather Cable Border & Corner Pattern

The border and corner patterns combine to make a completely beautiful pattern on your quilt


We just love feathers around here and this quilt has them!  The kite shape was somewhat unique, so I designed a custom feather for it…And called it… Feathered Kite.  It fell right into place and complimented Emily’s Feathers Border & Corner  just as I wanted it to.  As another quilter told me once, “Feathers have personality!  They HAVE to match.”  Well said!

Feather patterns by Allison Payette

Emily's Feather and Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

Border is Emily’s Feather Border and Corner and blocks are Feathered Kite

Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

New Patterns – Roses and Feathers

I just added some new digital quilting patterns to our website.  Roses and feathers.  A friend got me out of my “feathers only” box and introduced the rose.  Of course, I always find patterns are wonderfully enhanced with feathers – and so these have been “enhanced”.  Enjoy! Check them out here: New Products on Three Sisters Fabric