Pillowcase Challenge with Martinique, Glace, and Park Avenue

We started a project with our quilt guild, Maple Leaf Quilters. It’s a Pillowcase Challenge and even though we haven’t finished the challenge, I’m enjoying it so much that I am willing to “highly recommend” it! I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Here’s how it works: We each picked out our own pallet of fabrics. Then we placed them in a pillowcase. At each guild meeting we will pass the pillowcase to the next member in our Challenge group (there are 10 people per group) until the pillowcases go through the complete list of members. Each member has one month to use the fabrics in that pillowcase to make any block she chooses. We applied certain limitation to the blocks that can be made – i.e. no smaller than 6″ square and you cannot make the same block every month. Blocks can be rectangle or square, they can be large or small. The challenge will be at the end of the 10 month rotation to put all the differently shaped and sized blocks together into a quilt. I can hardly wait!

I am looking forward to seeing how all these blocks turn out. It is going to be a wonderful challenge to find a creative and attractive way to put all of them together. Last night at the guild meeting, a member of the guild brought a couple of Pillowcase Challenge quilts she had done. They were stunning! It was encouraging to see a finished challenge turn out so nice.

Martinique and Glace Pillowcase Challenge

Allison's Pillowcase Challenge bundle made with Martinique pinks and Glace greens. The fabric bundle is sitting on top of the pillowcase she made for it.

I’m hoping my blocks will be big enough to make a queen sized quilt with, but if not I will be very happy with a throw. I used the pinks and creams from the Martinique collection along with the greens from the Glace collection. Moda is so great…. The green was a PERFECT match!! Martinique didn’t have any greens (my all-time favorite color) in the collection and I really wanted a breezy French country look to this quilt. I am totally happy with the final results. I sure hope the next 10 months fly by…… 🙂

Tammy's Park Avenue Bundle

The Park Avenue bundle that Tammy will be using

Tammy used the mahoganies, creams, and browns from the new Park Avenue collection. She was really hoping the fabrics would arrive before we had to bring our pillowcases to the guild meeting. They arrived just a couple of days before the meeting and match her color scheme better than I even expected. She had been a little hesitant about the commitment to the challenge… But after last night she too has caught the bug and is glad she’s doing it.

This month I have Carol Honderich’s pillowcase…. From previous posts, you know I consider her a special quilter in my life. Can’t wait to make her a wonderful block! Tammy has Marie Troyer’s pillowcase. She’s a special quilter friend too. We met her at the same time as Carol Honderich. (They came to visit our quilt shop in Michigan at the same time along with a Edith Shanholt and Janis Nelson.) It should be a great month!

Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts Now Available!

Great news! We’ve expanded!!! After our move we decided to make a temporary decision to only carry fabric designed by 3 Sisters for Moda. It was a tough decision because we love fabric and we love variety, but it was necessary because of the recent upheaval.

Thankfully, we are finally starting to expand our offerings! We’ve already started adding gifts, notions, and patterns. But now we have the joy of adding more fabric!

Whimsy Logo

The Whimsy logo

I introduce to you – Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda!!! It is a delightful collection reminiscent of childhood days and good old antiquity. The colors are the typical softened shades characteristic of Fig Tree Quilts, but yet have a clarity to them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Whimsy Jelly Roll by Fig Tree Quilts

A delightful Jelly Roll to please your creative side

Watch for the new patterns and kits to be added soon that use this wonderful collection of cotton quilting fabric!

Making Progress

We are wiped out, but it feels sooo good! Thanks to a lot of help from our good friend, Ruth, we’re done with the first stage of the demolition project.

First we had to clean out all the stuff that was in the building from our move. That wasn’t too hard. We loaded the back of our Malibu Maxx (It’s a hatchback.) full of stuff and then drove it over to our garage where we picked a nice, empty corner and stacked it all there neatly. Of course, it took a few trips, but it got done rather fast.

Tammy – AKA Drillcilla
Tammy - AKA Drillcilla

Then we dove into the unknown. Could we do it? It looked almost like fun, but would we girls be able to tear into all these shelves and oddly constructed cabinets and tear them down and burn them? Well, we did! We renamed ourselves Drillcilla, Pryanna, and Sludge after our tools of preference. 🙂 It was rather funny to see how each of us were more comfortable with certain tools and were less adept with others.

Tammy and Ruth – with their less preferred tools
Tammy and Ruth

It took us two full days, but we are done. And it feels so good! Now, the walls have to be torn out and we are going to let the guys from church do that for us…. We’re worn out! 🙂 When they’re done we are going to wire and insulate. We’ve insulated before and think it’s rather fun. Michael (my brother-in-law) said he’d teach us how to wire. I imagine that will be rather fun too. I’m looking forward to learning it.

We are very anxious to move in…. I suppose I need to remember that nothing gets done over night and prepare myself for a new lesson in patience! But really – I’m very, very happy to be making progress on our new longarm quilting studio!


Visions Of A New Studio

Good news! We’ve begun the remodel process and will (hopefully) be in a new studio soon. Of course, we’re just in the very early stages. We’ve done a walk through with our contractor (who happens to be my brother-in-law) and now Tammy and I will start the clean up in preparation for him to begin the “tear apart”.  Yes… Most of the inside needs to be torn down and put back properly.

Here are some pictures of the building as it is now.  It was used by the former owner as a woodworking shop.  That has been cleared out and we’ve been using it for storage lately.  We are looking forward to the finished project, landscaping included!




Great Quilty Stationery

Is “quilty” a word? 🙂 I guess it is around here!

We are expanding our website this year.  Since our move, we have only been carrying the bare necessities.  (Of course that mainly included fabric by 3 Sisters for Moda!)  We are really excited about the newest additions that are arriving.  We’ll be adding some more designers to our collection of fabrics, new patterns, books, notions, and digital quilting patterns for the Statler Stitcher and Intelliquilter.

Today I thought I’d show you our new gift items for quilters.  We got in some great new stationery!  I’m not much of a writer, but I do like pretty stationery.  I guess I know I should write, and I really do love my friends, and having stationery at least makes me feel closer to my goal – a letter in the mail box.  🙂

I guess I’ll start with the easiest kind of notes.  Small, yet big enough embossed note sheets.  Embossed Fancy Note SheetsThese are my favorite.  It is very easy for me to keep these on my desk and quickly jot a note to a friend or a customer without feeling overwhelmed.  It helps me keep it short and sweet, and yet it gets DONE!  I love the scalloped edge of these sheets and the pretty lavender color is delicate without being too immature.  And of course, the embossed quilt blocks at the top brought the first smile to my face when I saw these.  They are really cute!

Then Embossed Fancy Note Cards, Starthere are the note cards.  I love note cards.  They give you room to write a decent note and let someone know you’re thinking about them, but they don’t give you enough room to write a journal that will never make it to the mail box.  (I’m very familiar with the un-mailed “journal”.)  These cards come with  matching envelopes and a cute carrying pouch that fastens with Velcro.  How nice!

Embossed Fancy Notes CardsCheck out the other design we have too!

Hope you like them as much as we do!