We just love feathers around here and this quilt has them!  The kite shape was somewhat unique, so I designed a custom feather for it…And called it… Feathered Kite.  It fell right into place and complimented Emily’s Feathers Border & Corner  just as I wanted it to.  As another quilter told me once, “Feathers have personality!  They HAVE to match.”  Well said!

Feather patterns by Allison Payette

Emily's Feather and Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

Border is Emily’s Feather Border and Corner and blocks are Feathered Kite

Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

Feathered Kite by Allison Payette

Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Hey all! Just thought I should post the news that we’re running a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale again. Our ENTIRE website is 20% off!! We don’t often run sales on our digital quilting patterns so please take advantage of it while you can. No promo code needed – prices are as marked.

Visit us at Three Sisters Fabric.
To see the digital quilting patterns click here.

New Pattern – Cup Of Joe E2E

Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite the java fan. I love a cup of good, strong coffee…. A lot. I enjoy lattes, frappes, and really enjoy the chocolate covered coffee beans I can get at my dad’s bulk food store. In short…. I really like coffee. (Have I said that before?!)

That explains some of my excitement about this new pantograph – Cup Of Joe E2E. It’s just my style… And totally reflects a Cup Of Joe – coffee shop style. It’s not “clip-arty”, but classy just like a great cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. And the stitch out is great…. Quick and smooth.

(And the beans?! Aren’t they great? Love ’em!)

Cup Of Joe E2E

Cup Of Joe E2E (c) Allison Payette 2010

Cup Of Joe E2E Repeat

Cup Of Joe E2E Repeat (c) Allison Payette 2010

First Whole Cloth Quilt Finished

We finally buckled down and tackled our first whole cloth quilt.  The patterns are all ones that I digitized except the smaller inside border that is by Tammy Finkler.  The fabric was picked out by our customer and was a little scary to work with.  It was a polyester of some sort and had a shine to it.  We were a little worried that the synthetic fiber would become very stiff and unyielding, but in the end it turned out great.

Sorry the pictures are not the greatest.  We tried getting shots everywhere we could think of and in the end we still have shadowy photos!  But I guess they work….  Click on them – they get larger and the pictures look better that way.  🙂

Our first wholecloth quilt

Adam’s Quilt Is Finished

I promised these pictures a while ago and then I realized that I better not post them until after the wedding lest a family member log in and see the quilt before the Big Day. 🙂 Wouldn’t want to spoil their gift.

We really did enjoy working on this quilt. It had been a while since we put “our all” into one of our very own quilts. Since we started our quilt shop all of the quilts we make are usually shop related… Fabric that needs to be displayed, new patterns that have to be demoed, or quilts for other people. This time it was for a family member and for Jacquie so we made exactly what we wanted. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Adam's Quilt from the book "Cottage Garden"

Adam's Quilt from the book "Cottage Garden"

For those of you interested in the patterns used on the quilt… The border is Abundant Feathers and the block was Emily’s Feather – Square. All patterns can be found here: Three Sisters Fabric Digital Quilting Patterns – Feathers

Gammill Sales Rep Picture and Sentimental Quilts

Good morning! I sent this picture over to Accomplish Quilting this week because they are updating their sales rep information. It’s not the greatest picture because we don’t seem to have photography talent in the lighting department! 🙂 But that’s OK, I guess. I figured you may still want to see a picture of me at my machine.

Allison Payete - a Gammill Statler Stitcher Sales Rep

I really do enjoy longarm quilting! I took a quilt from a wonderful customer yesterday. I always feel honored when someone trusts me with their quilt. It is a scary thing to hand your top over to someone who has the potential, with a high-speed commercial machine, to RUIN your quilt in minutes! 🙂 This dear lady, Carol Honderich, is a special part of the history of Three Sisters Fabric. She is a very talented designer of quilts. She and her friends found us while they were vacationing in Onekama, MI before our Michigan quilt shop was open to the public. They begged to come in anyway, and were so encouraging when we felt so small and unworthy. Eventually, our business grew and we enjoyed their annual visits to our store. As change sometimes happens, we needed to sell our store in Michigan and moved – of all places – to the very area these ladies are from! We were so thrilled to know we’d be moving near quilting friends.

Now, here we are in New Paris, Indiana and we are enjoying the privilege of building new relationships and also continuing to develop old ones from the past. Can you see why this quilt is so special to me? Why I feel like it is such an honor to work on?

Check back soon for pictures of the finished quilt…. Smiles, Allison

Making Progress

We are wiped out, but it feels sooo good! Thanks to a lot of help from our good friend, Ruth, we’re done with the first stage of the demolition project.

First we had to clean out all the stuff that was in the building from our move. That wasn’t too hard. We loaded the back of our Malibu Maxx (It’s a hatchback.) full of stuff and then drove it over to our garage where we picked a nice, empty corner and stacked it all there neatly. Of course, it took a few trips, but it got done rather fast.

Tammy – AKA Drillcilla
Tammy - AKA Drillcilla

Then we dove into the unknown. Could we do it? It looked almost like fun, but would we girls be able to tear into all these shelves and oddly constructed cabinets and tear them down and burn them? Well, we did! We renamed ourselves Drillcilla, Pryanna, and Sludge after our tools of preference. 🙂 It was rather funny to see how each of us were more comfortable with certain tools and were less adept with others.

Tammy and Ruth – with their less preferred tools
Tammy and Ruth

It took us two full days, but we are done. And it feels so good! Now, the walls have to be torn out and we are going to let the guys from church do that for us…. We’re worn out! 🙂 When they’re done we are going to wire and insulate. We’ve insulated before and think it’s rather fun. Michael (my brother-in-law) said he’d teach us how to wire. I imagine that will be rather fun too. I’m looking forward to learning it.

We are very anxious to move in…. I suppose I need to remember that nothing gets done over night and prepare myself for a new lesson in patience! But really – I’m very, very happy to be making progress on our new longarm quilting studio!