About the Three Sisters

“The Three Sisters”, as we are often referred to, are myself (Allison Payette), Tammy Payette, and Jacquie (Payette) Hoover. We are as close as close can be and cannot imagine life without each other. We are entirely devoted to the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the service of His Kingdom. There is no better place to be than in the center of His will. And though sometimes our faith is tried by fire, we are more sure than ever that Christian character and a complete dependence on the Lord is best developed in these times. While we enjoy life here we are always looking forward to the coming of Christ. Whether we go to meet Him, or He comes for us.

Tammy, Allison, and Jacquie

The Three Sisters – Tammy, Allison, and Jacquie

Most often you will find this blog is written about our business. We started quilting in our early teens and learned to love it. Three Sisters Fabric officially began in 2006 when my sisters and I decided to start an online store selling fabric, kits, gifts, and notions for quilters. Quickly, we were introduced to longarm quilting with a Gammill Statler Stitcher and our business expanded to include longarm quilting as well. We have a passion for traditional quilting and it is reflected in our style of longarm quilting as well as the custom digital quilting patterns we sell.

Although we don’t really intend for this to be a personal blog, we are totally unable to avoid the wonderful excitement of our newest family members. Jacquie married Michael Hoover in 2009. At first, in the midst of being very happy for them, we were a little worried about how “The Three Sisters” would fair through this new life-changing experience. We are very, very thankful to say that while Michael has become a husband to Jacquie he has also become a brother to us. And now we are all closer than ever! Isn’t it wonderful? When you think a relationship can’t get better – IT DOES!!! And now there is an even newer, more thrilling addition to the family – Caroline Cecilia Hoover. OH WOW!! We are totally and completely, 100%, head-over-heals in love with this little bundle of joy. So, with such an obvious infatuation with this little family member, how can I resist not occasionally writing about her?!

Wedding Day

The Wedding Day – Michael and Jacquelyn Hoover

Caroline Cecelia's Announcement

The most recent joy of our lives – Caroline Cecilia

I am not a very faithful writer, but I will do my very best. I hope you enjoy what you find. I hope you are inspired creatively and spiritually.

Allison Payette

5 thoughts on “About the Three Sisters

  1. Oh My!! Can anything be lovelier than little Caroline Cecilia? Congratulations to all of you!!
    Jacquie and Michael must be beside themselves with joy and love. And her aunts are so lucky to have her close by. And as a grandmother, what can I say about your dear parents? God certainly knew what He was doing when he created grandchildren – nothing can bring more joy than to hold flesh of your flesh.
    She’s absolutely beautiful!! I wish I could hold her and kiss her beautiful, tiny little feet. What a terrific picture of her daddy holding her precious little “tootsies”.
    I closed my online shop the end of February. I have a full time job working as a recruiter for Michigan Blood in TC. I really like the job and the people I work with – it will be a wonderful final career for me.
    I still miss all of you. Please tell Michael and your parents I said hello.

  2. Hi Kathryn! Great to hear from you! Sorry to hear of the closure of your shop, but I understand…. I’m glad to hear you like your new job. It’s always great to find what’s “right” for you. It would be really great to see you again sometime! Yes, we are really enjoying the little girlie! She’s pure joy…. Just starting to try to giggle. It’s still not coming out real well, but she trying and we know what she means. 🙂 Thanks for saying hi! Love, Allison for all of us

  3. What can I say but…I thank the Lord for giving me such beautiful, talented and God-Fearing nieces into my life. Each one has their own special way and gift from God. I am so glad we are not just family, but best of friends and most of all sisters in the Lord. And to Michael I am Blessed beyond meassure to have you for a nephew-in-law and a brother in the Lord. Michael and Jacquie and their precious baby, my great-niece, Caroline. God be with you all!
    Love and Prayers Always,
    Aunt Karen

  4. Hi all! Congrats on the new baby! She is adorable! Is she trying to walk already? Maybe a bit early thou! I read you mentioned Carol Honderich as a good friend and I was surprised to see her name pop up. I know her through her patterns of faith! I live in the Netherlands, so far away! I wanted to ask what church you attend as you wear these caps. Like Catholic nuns almost. I know it isn’t, but was wondering if you might be Mennonites? They come originally from the Netherlands and their first church is recently restored. Second question is are you also the three sisters that design the fabric line for Moda? I AM REALLY IN LOVE WITH THE COLORS OF THOSE LINES! Hope to hear from you! Bye for now and have a great week! Marianna Bergmap

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