Even More Backing Choices – We Hit 100!!

We’ve been working on expanding our backing selection around here. Today we hit 100 bots of wide backing fabrics! We’re really excited about that cause it is nice for all of us. You have plenty to choose from and neither of us have to piece backings! 🙂

Here are the newest additions, but keep looking for more as we continually expand.

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3 thoughts on “Even More Backing Choices – We Hit 100!!

  1. Do you have a pattern recommendation for the wintergreen three sisters jelly roll? I’m a beginner and need a little coddling;)
    Thank you,

  2. I think you might really enjoy looking through this book: http://www.threesistersfabric.com/books-3/jelly-roll-quilts-by-pam-nicky-lintott-1602.html

    It is loaded with wonderful quilts that will suite your Wintergreen Jelly Roll perfectly. 🙂

    If you want a simple pattern that will work well try this one: http://www.threesistersfabric.com/patterns-7/all-patterns-26/over-under-by-pieces-from-my-heart-1447.html

    It is so easy and I think it will turn out nicer than the picture! Wintergreen is a wonderful, warm collection that would really compliment this quilt.

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