A Late Announcement

Many of you would like to see a picture of our newest little niece.  Gabrielle Sophia made a wonderful, memorable entry into this world the day after my birthday.  Tammy and I were in Florida for our grandparents 70th anniversary.  (Yes – I said 70th ANNIVERSARY!  Incredible!)   We were ready to leave in the morning to begin a longarm training session in GA with a new longarm owner, when Jacquie called at 1 AM and told us the baby would be coming nearly 3 weeks early.  We couldn’t have been further away from home at the moment.  We looked at the clock and knew we were looking at a LONG drive ahead of us.  After 17 hours of driving we MADE IT!!  We were driving past their road when Jacquie called and said another little girl had been born.  We were so excited!

So folks….  For the maternal side of the family – that makes 3 generations of ALL GIRLS!  Amazing.  🙂

Best friends are we

It really blesses us to think of the special relationship these two will share.