Caroline’s On A Trip


Our happy little niece

Our little niece is far away in Central America. We miss her sunshiny little personality! Of course, we miss Jacquie and Michael too, but somehow that little baby has managed, as small as she is, to take up a humongous place in our hearts and lives.

Michael had a cousin get married in Costa Rica so they decided to go down for the wedding and also stop in Nicaragua to visit some old friends and meet some new ones. We are very glad they had the opportunity to go, although our life here is a bit dry with them gone. 🙂 We live close to each other so it is normally (and thankfully!) easy to go back and forth with each other working together as “Three Sisters” like to do.

Jacquie has been faithful to email when possible. It’s been nice to get the updates on how everyone is doing. We’ll be picking them up at the Chicago airport on Sunday afternoon. It will be wonderful to see them again and catch up on all their experiences. Email is great, but nothing beats talking face to face!

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  1. Oooooh she hs found a way into my heart forever also. My precious great niece. Love you little Caroline!
    Auntie Karen

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