A Neglected Blog and CAM Sewing

I’ve sadly neglected this blog as is so typical of “me”. Those of you who know me, know I’ve never claimed to be a writer. It is so much easier for me to chat with you than try to figure out how to get my thoughts down via letters and punctuation. But, I will try again. Hopefully May will contain more posts than April did. If I keep working at it I may yet become a faithful writer. 🙂

April was a very busy month for us. It seemed there was always plenty of work to be done! Between quilting, we also did do a lot of gardening, cleaning, sewing, and gobs of other miscellaneous spring-time work.

A highlight for us was the CAM sewing we had with the girls at church. Since we have a quilt shop and also do a lot of sewing, it seems we have a way of a accumulating a large amount of fabric due to our own remnants or donations of our customers.  We usually have to put our time into making quilts out of our current fabric, so that leaves us with totes of fabric that we have no time or need to make quilts out of. It is perfectly new fabric that is able to be turned into dresses or quilts for people more needy than we. Thus was the birth of a sewing day for Christian Aid Ministries. The other church families donated their extra fabric and we ended up with more fabric than we expected. We spent two full days sewing and made 52 dresses of all sizes.

It also happened that CAM had a slide show presentation the evening of our last sewing day. It was a perfect way to end our sewing days -with a very strong reminder of why we did what we did. It made us more keenly aware of the needs of people in other parts of the world. And more thankful for an opportunity to serve.

Piles of fabric

Piles of fabric being sorted through and matched to make dresses of all sizes

The cutting table

Some of the girls cutting out dresses

The sewing tables

The row of sewing machines and busy sewers