Adam’s Quilt

My cousin is getting married on May 30th so we have been working to finish a special quilt for him. The piecework is all done, and it is now in the frame being quilted. The center of the quilt came from “Meadowsweet Home” by Need’l Love.

Meadowsweet Home by Need'l Love

Meadowsweet Home by Need'l Love

It has an applique center with tiny nine-patches surrounding it that are set on point and alternated with blank square blocks. (I haven’t done any applique work in a while and really, really enjoyed doing it again. It reminded me of my fondness for handwork!) The quilt has a nice, scalloped border surrounding it to allow for pretty quilting. I spent more than a day working on digitizing the patterns for the quilt.

It was such a pleasure to finally load it in the quilting frame and see it start getting stitched out! The nice thing about this quilt is that we made TWO of them…. One is for Adam and Gail, and the other is for Jacquie and Michael. I’m glad the cousins will have identical quilts. I think it’s kind of special – especially since they both started their married lives so close in time to each other.

Check back for the pictures of the quilt. I plan to post them when it’s finished.

Website/ Blog Problems

I wonder what you thought when you logged into this blog yesterday? Was it a wreck? Missing posts? It probably was!

I had a very bad day with internet, website, and blog troubles! It was such an odd and overwhelming thing that all of them went down on the very same day. The internet connection went down first…. Then I noticed that our website was down. And finally, in an effort to help me, my web host restored a backup that included not only the website, but also this blog – thus the loss of the posts and also some file corruption that had to be corrected. It was quite the day! Thankfully, it is over now and all is restored to good working condition. Orders are coming through again and the blog is legible! 🙂

Caroline’s On A Trip


Our happy little niece

Our little niece is far away in Central America. We miss her sunshiny little personality! Of course, we miss Jacquie and Michael too, but somehow that little baby has managed, as small as she is, to take up a humongous place in our hearts and lives.

Michael had a cousin get married in Costa Rica so they decided to go down for the wedding and also stop in Nicaragua to visit some old friends and meet some new ones. We are very glad they had the opportunity to go, although our life here is a bit dry with them gone. 🙂 We live close to each other so it is normally (and thankfully!) easy to go back and forth with each other working together as “Three Sisters” like to do.

Jacquie has been faithful to email when possible. It’s been nice to get the updates on how everyone is doing. We’ll be picking them up at the Chicago airport on Sunday afternoon. It will be wonderful to see them again and catch up on all their experiences. Email is great, but nothing beats talking face to face!

A Neglected Blog and CAM Sewing

I’ve sadly neglected this blog as is so typical of “me”. Those of you who know me, know I’ve never claimed to be a writer. It is so much easier for me to chat with you than try to figure out how to get my thoughts down via letters and punctuation. But, I will try again. Hopefully May will contain more posts than April did. If I keep working at it I may yet become a faithful writer. 🙂

April was a very busy month for us. It seemed there was always plenty of work to be done! Between quilting, we also did do a lot of gardening, cleaning, sewing, and gobs of other miscellaneous spring-time work.

A highlight for us was the CAM sewing we had with the girls at church. Since we have a quilt shop and also do a lot of sewing, it seems we have a way of a accumulating a large amount of fabric due to our own remnants or donations of our customers.  We usually have to put our time into making quilts out of our current fabric, so that leaves us with totes of fabric that we have no time or need to make quilts out of. It is perfectly new fabric that is able to be turned into dresses or quilts for people more needy than we. Thus was the birth of a sewing day for Christian Aid Ministries. The other church families donated their extra fabric and we ended up with more fabric than we expected. We spent two full days sewing and made 52 dresses of all sizes.

It also happened that CAM had a slide show presentation the evening of our last sewing day. It was a perfect way to end our sewing days -with a very strong reminder of why we did what we did. It made us more keenly aware of the needs of people in other parts of the world. And more thankful for an opportunity to serve.

Piles of fabric

Piles of fabric being sorted through and matched to make dresses of all sizes

The cutting table

Some of the girls cutting out dresses

The sewing tables

The row of sewing machines and busy sewers