Gammill Sales Rep Picture and Sentimental Quilts

Good morning! I sent this picture over to Accomplish Quilting this week because they are updating their sales rep information. It’s not the greatest picture because we don’t seem to have photography talent in the lighting department! 🙂 But that’s OK, I guess. I figured you may still want to see a picture of me at my machine.

Allison Payete - a Gammill Statler Stitcher Sales Rep

I really do enjoy longarm quilting! I took a quilt from a wonderful customer yesterday. I always feel honored when someone trusts me with their quilt. It is a scary thing to hand your top over to someone who has the potential, with a high-speed commercial machine, to RUIN your quilt in minutes! 🙂 This dear lady, Carol Honderich, is a special part of the history of Three Sisters Fabric. She is a very talented designer of quilts. She and her friends found us while they were vacationing in Onekama, MI before our Michigan quilt shop was open to the public. They begged to come in anyway, and were so encouraging when we felt so small and unworthy. Eventually, our business grew and we enjoyed their annual visits to our store. As change sometimes happens, we needed to sell our store in Michigan and moved – of all places – to the very area these ladies are from! We were so thrilled to know we’d be moving near quilting friends.

Now, here we are in New Paris, Indiana and we are enjoying the privilege of building new relationships and also continuing to develop old ones from the past. Can you see why this quilt is so special to me? Why I feel like it is such an honor to work on?

Check back soon for pictures of the finished quilt…. Smiles, Allison

One thought on “Gammill Sales Rep Picture and Sentimental Quilts

  1. I didn’t keep your e-mail when you let me know you were ready for quilt you are working on now so I am contacting you this way.
    I have question about two other quilts I would like to have done, possibly bringing them when I pick up the Birdseye quilt. My son was given a frog quilt from my sister when he was four that was used for many years. I took that quilt apart and have made two new quilts for his sons using a combination of old frog print fabric and new fabrics. What would be the cost for edge to edge quilting with an easy overall meandering stitch? The quilt tops finished 48 1/2 by 56 1/2, so essentially 49 x 57 inches. I have stitched around the outside edges so seams do not pop when stretched onto the quilting frame.
    Karen Stutzman

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