Visions Of A New Studio

Good news! We’ve begun the remodel process and will (hopefully) be in a new studio soon. Of course, we’re just in the very early stages. We’ve done a walk through with our contractor (who happens to be my brother-in-law) and now Tammy and I will start the clean up in preparation for him to begin the “tear apart”.  Yes… Most of the inside needs to be torn down and put back properly.

Here are some pictures of the building as it is now.  It was used by the former owner as a woodworking shop.  That has been cleared out and we’ve been using it for storage lately.  We are looking forward to the finished project, landscaping included!




2 thoughts on “Visions Of A New Studio

  1. Allison and Tammy, I am sitting here with your Grandpa Keener. He was telling me about your quilt business, so we decided to look you up. The pictures you posted of the quilts are beautiful! Grandpa Keener says that he loves you both and to have a Happy Easter.

    Denise & Paul

  2. Hi! Thanks a million for taking Grandpa through our site! Makes me smile to think you all were thinking of us. 🙂 Praise the Lord for Victory over death! It’s beautiful to think of this time of year. God bless you. Love, Allie & Tammy

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